About Me

I've built a house, with others, with my hands.  I say "I'm sorry" entirely too much.  I once helped dismantle an illegal military roadblock in the West Bank, and had a gun put to my chest for my troubles. I have massive astigmatism in my left eye. I make a mean Beef Wellington, although lately I can't seem to get the pastry to stick to the meat properly. I've taught high school. I've studied radio astronomy in Puerto Rico. I've worked in support of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples at the UN in Geneva. I've sung back-up for the Indigo Girls in La Realidad, Chiapas for the Zapatistas.  I've made a complete ass of myself in front of the Indigo Girls.  I've lost five passports.  I married the person I respect most in the world.  I completed a sprint triathlon.  I came in 2000th out of 3000. I have a severe aversion to pot.  I'm blessed with an army of amazing friends. I've slid off the road and into a ditch four times, usually in snow, always sober. I've never broken a bone.  I've fallen in love with the wrong people so often and so utterly it's a miracle I ever fell in love with the right one. I've sung the lead in a musical, in England. I bang my head into something almost everyday.  I've held funerals for chickens.  I know the difference between a circular saw and a table saw and the appropriate time to use each.  October is may favorite month.  Cobalt is my favorite color.  I don't have a favorite day.  I know how to tile a bathroom, sorta, wire a house, sorta, and plumb a house, sorta.  I grew up below the poverty line.  I know how to milk a goat, but I don't do so regularly because I'm too neurotic. I've been arrested four times, jailed once, injured permanently by SWAT once. I am a pacifist. I can harvest honey from a topbar beehive without getting stung. I own a guitar I've really never learned how to play, and a recurve bow I barely know how to shoot. I don't smoke.  I think Nessun Dorma is the most beautiful thing a man can sing.  I've encountered a lot of bears, a lot of snakes, and one mountain lion.  They're cool.  I can speak enough Arabic, French and Spanish to get myself into trouble, but probably not enough to get myself out.  I've tried to commit suicide twice.  I remember the USSR.  Fondly.  I've climbed Mount Sinai. I'm not afraid of natural disasters, except tsunamis.  Those scare the shit out of me.  I've midwifed nine goats into existence.  I've auditioned at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London (I was horrendously bad).  I've had a crush on Mandy Patinkin since I was 8.  I'm an Aquarius with my moon in Leo.  I love the stars more than almost anything.  I don't like walking in the rain.  I have a half-brother and half-sister I've never met.  I think red wine is a food group. I'm a really good public speaker.  I can grow enough food to feed myself and a few hundred others.  I love to dance but have never taken lessons.  I'd like to take lessons.  I minored in math.  I can't balance my checkbook to save my life.  I've cleaned human waste out of a bucket and processed it into compost. A lot. I'm allergic to gluten and dairy. Despite this I eat and adore pizza.  I've biked 800 miles across the southwest.  I've backpacked through Europe.  I've sailed in a felucca on the Nile.  I've been homeless.  A member of the IRA once bought be a Jamison's in the Bogside because I told him he was being unfair to the Antichrist in comparing him to George W. Bush.  My biggest fear is letting people down.  I had the incredible privilege of watching my god-daughter be born.  My day does not begin without coffee.  

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